'On The Road' scarves

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Not just for Christmas! 
A good scarf is a cyclist's best friend, perfect for the chilly start, an easy pack for added warmth when off the bike and possibly the simplest on/off heat regulating clothing you can get. 
Mourne Textiles have done the most amazing job of translating a great pub conversation into a fabulous reality. The idea of bringing the road to their wonderful woven heritage came about after a scarf came my way and it became indispensable, both in the sticks and in town. They're the right length, the right weight and made with the right fabrics in the right way. 
The scarves are woven on vintage shuttle looms in workshop at the foothills of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. The Hattersley looms, first developed in 1919, have been tried and tested over decades, creating a rich weave and woven selvedge. More to see here at Mourne Textiles' site.

30cm x 200cm

84% Merino wool, 8% Cashmere, 8% Silk

Natural Fringe

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