swrve socks

Merino cycling socks are hi on the list of the best cycling product that can be used for everything. A merino sock is just brilliant in all situations summer, winter, the bits in-between, work, pub, coffee and first dates… having a draw full is decadent but brilliant.

The swrve sock has a perfect blend of yarns, including 65% luxurious merino wool, mixed with Lycra, elastic and a little bit of polyamide for the best performance and durability.

 Wool is amazing; it wicks sweat better than any synthetic, keeping you cool and dry in the summer and warm in colder weather. It's naturally anti-bacterial so the socks won’t smell after repeated use.

6" cuff

65% merino wool / 15% Lycra / 15% elastic / 5% polyamide


SMALL -UK men's shoe 4.5 - 5.5
MEDIUM - UK men's shoe 6 - 9.5
LARGE - UK men's shoe 9 - 12.5

please note that the socks have a good stretch so the S, M, L is a good size guide.


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