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swrve was started in 2005 by Matt and Muriel in Los Angeles. Here, in this city of many parts, they identified a need for stylish, strong and functional clothing that would perform as well on a bike as in an office, out at a bar, or exploring the diverse terrain all around: from snow topped hills, to forests and deserts and the famous coastlines of California.

swrve.co.uk/mozz cycling

 I got involved with swrve in 2007, after coming across a pair of their knickers (3/4 shorts) in a small bike shop (TrackStar) I liked to visit when working in New York. After an email exchange with Muriel and Matt, and then a visit to their base in LA, I undertook to bring stock into the UK – operating out of Brixton, London – to make their great product available in Europe.

 For the past eight years, I've worked with Muriel and Matt – and a vibrant and varied community of cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers – investing in production and helping to grow the product lines.

 In autumn 2014, I made the move with my family from central London to the English/Welsh borders, where all stock is now kept and orders processed. When I'm not at the helm or on the road, free time is spent exploring the wilds and adding to my bike collection – new adventures ...

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