Buying clothing online is not always straightforward, particularly if it’s your first product from a company, as every clothing manufacturer may have a slightly different idea about waist measurement and fit.

Because we produce the in-between waist sizes of 31” and 33”, the swrve sizing allows for a precise fit. This means you can choose how you want to wear them: from no belt required to relaxed on the waist, which can be the difference, say, between a 32” and a 33” waist.

Sizing info is available for all swrve items on the individual product pages (the last image in each pic sequence)

Having an idea about how the clothing you have and love in your wardrobe compares size-wise will help. Take a pair of your favourite jeans or shorts and lay them flat, making sure the waistband is placed evenly, then measure from one side to the other. Doubling this figure will give you a comparable waist measurement for the swrve lines.

swrve size help

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